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Forget the Russians, Pope Francis just intervened in the upcoming US elections – in a good way

Though he surely had other things on his mind, Pope Francis just intervened in the United States’ midterm elections and, I suspect, in the 2020 presidential contest, as well. One of the fundamental building blocks of Donald Trump’s we’ll-support-him-no-matter-how-offensive-venal-or-wrong-headed-he-is constituency is the anti-reproductive rights alignment. So long as the con-man-in-chief continues to verbally oppose abortion and appoint judges whose record indicates a willingness to overturn Roe v Wade, this group of single-issue voters is willing to give him a pass on coarse expressions of moral depravity, affronts to tolerant decency and assaults on social justice. What ranks this particular constituency ahead ...

Amy Coney Barrett: The religious right’s favorite US Supreme Court candidate is a cultic extremist

Of all the damage Donald Trump has done and will do to the fabric of American government and democracy, nothing will be more lasting than his imposition of dogmatically narrow-minded, ideologically rigid Federalist Society-style conservatism on the Supreme Court. Our grandchildren will live with the consequences of the goniff-in-chief’s moral and intellectual vandalism of the judicial branch. If the Republicans retain their Senate majority in November and fate and the actuarial tables hand Trump a third—or even fourth—court appointment, it could be more than a century before the oppressive burden of a culturally reactionary, plutocratically subservient court can be lifted from ...

How the angry anti-gun control fanatics paved the way for Trump

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Over the past year, analysts have turned themselves inside out trying to unravel the phenomena of Trump and Trumpism. Why do somewhere between 30% and 40% of Americans remain invincibly indifferent to the self-evident instability, venality, mendacity, incompetence and coarse brutality of Donald Trump, despite the inarguable fact that they suffer most from his presidency's misgovernment? No other chief executive in history has been forgiven by his followers for even a fraction of the affronts to every sort of decency and common sense that Trump delivers on a weekly basis. As the exasperated conservative commentator George Will recently put it, "Trump's ...

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