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How the angry anti-gun control fanatics paved the way for Trump

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Over the past year, analysts have turned themselves inside out trying to unravel the phenomena of Trump and Trumpism. Why do somewhere between 30% and 40% of Americans remain invincibly indifferent to the self-evident instability, venality, mendacity, incompetence and coarse brutality of Donald Trump, despite the inarguable fact that they suffer most from his presidency's misgovernment? No other chief executive in history has been forgiven by his followers for even a fraction of the affronts to every sort of decency and common sense that Trump delivers on a weekly basis. As the exasperated conservative commentator George Will recently put it, "Trump's ...

Let the Dem’s Midterm Slogan Be: Make America California Again

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States don’t come any bluer than California these days. By every conventional measure, the Golden State is one of today’s rare Democratic success stories: Every statewide office is occupied by a Dem and the party enjoys commanding majorities in both legislative chambers. The Republicans’ suicidal impulses on issues from immigration to gun control essentially have reduced the vestigial GOP opposition to irrelevance—even in such traditional conservative redoubts as Orange County, which if not quite a pure azure yet, has moved remorselessly to deep violet. Four-term Gov. Jerry Brown bestrides the once fractious state budget process like a colossus of ...

James Comey’s Testimony Proves Trump is a Thuggish Fixer

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These are dark times in America and will grow darker still. James Comey’s chilling testimony to the Senate Committee Thursday paint a portrait of the president who operates not as a canny manipulator in the style of Richard Nixon, nor as a shifty, street-wise hustler, but as a thuggish fixer. The former FBI director’s believably detailed account also made it clear that the administration and the country now confront months of multiple investigations of targets—the president, his aides, and family members—who will defend themselves without restraint, decency or consideration of the damage they have done and are doing to the national ...

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